Hi, I’m Tammy!

Hello, and thank you for stopping by my website.

My name is Tammy and I enjoy sharing my passion for all things crafting, organizing and the occasional “Deal Haul”. I mean, Who can resist those, right?
You’ll likely find all sorts of crafting ideas on my site from paper crafts, to wood crafts, Quilts, Holiday Decorations, and more! Sometimes I might decide to find an old piece of furniture and give it a makeover, or I might show you how to make home made laundry soap!

You just never know, so stay tuned!

I Live in a small town in Central Ohio and enjoy crafting, organizing, giving old furniture a makeover, creating things out of seemingly nothing, making the occasional quilt, searching for the next great deal at thrift stores and discount stores, and finding new, creative ways to express my artistic ideas.
I enjoy sharing what I do and have a YouTube channel as well, interestingly enough called, yup, you guessed it, “The Berlin Lady”.

The name “Berlin Lady” comes from the area of Ohio where I live, which is very near the heart of Amish country which seems centered around Berlin, which is in Holmes country Ohio and I very much enjoy shopping, dining, and simply driving the back country roads in and around this area, so I thought the name was rather “Fitting” for me.